When our heroes come home, DAV's mission begins.

Founded in 1920, DAV helps veterans of all generations get the benefits they’ve earned, helping more than a million veterans and their families each year. DAV provides support, care and services to disabled veterans at no cost to them. Will you help DAV give hope to veterans by donating your spare change each month?

DAV Impact:


172K veterans

attended DAV job fairs


615K free rides

to medical appointments


215K claims

represented for veterans


1M veterans

helped each year


How it works

Give change and give hope to disabled veterans.

When you round up your purchases, you make small donations that add up to big change. You set and control how much change you want to give each month, and every time you swipe your card, we’ll automatically round up your purchase to give hope to disabled veterans. It’s easy to make a big impact with a small amount of change each month!

link your card

Activate any card you use for regular purchases in order to turn even the smallest purchase into big change.

Set your monthly giving

You control how much change you want to give each month, and you can adjust it up or down anytime you want.

Make a difference with every swipe!

Every purchase made on your card will be automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar and donated directly to DAV to give hope to veterans!

Can we count you in to make true change for disabled veterans?

It’s easy. Create an account, link a credit or debit card, and watch your small change make a big impact in the lives of veterans and their families. And when you’ve rounded up $100 in change for disabled veterans, we’ll send you a commemorative DAV Centennial Coin!

count me in

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the transition from service to civilian life is not always easy, but we believe no veteran should have to go at it alone. DAV provides free, professional assistance to more than 1 million veterans every year to connect them with the healthcare, disability, employment, education and financial benefits they have earned through military service. The past 100 years, DAV has submitted more than 11.7 million claims on their behalf. If you need help or know someone who needs help, contact your local DAV office.
When you link your card and set your monthly giving level, DAV automatically “rounds up” your transactions to the next dollar amount and donates that spare change to veterans. For example, if you buy a coffee for $2.43 on your linked debit card or credit card, DAV will add 57 cents to your purchase.
Yes you can! Many DAV donors choose to give by rounding up their purchases each month because it is a fun, easy way to support disabled veterans. However, if you’d like to make a one-time donation, you can select that option by clicking the “Sign Up Now” link above and choosing “One-Time.”
Yes! You will receive an automated receipt which will include the tax deductible language, after your donation is processed each month; please keep a copy for your records.
To ensure you can easily find and manage your monthly donations for tax purposes, DAV does not immediately deduct your spare change every time you swipe. Instead, we’ll tally up your change throughout the month and deduct it at the end of the month so you can easily track your donation.
Nope! That’s the great thing about rounding up: our system will automatically round up all of your purchases on your connected cards when you swipe until you’ve reached your giving target for the month.
In order to round up your spare change, we simply need to know when you’ve swiped your card. DAV does not use your personal data or information for any purposes other than verifying your transactions to accurately record the spare change you choose to give. DAV does not have access or the ability to view any of your transaction data.
To ensure your bank data is kept secure, we integrate with financial institutions by using Plaid, the industry-leading bank integration service. We are restricted to working with the banks that Plaid has added to its service.
Yes you can! There is no limit to how many debit cards or credit cards you would like to use if you want to support the DAV across multiple linked cards.
Yes. You can link any active debit or credit card you frequently use.

If you would like to support DAV in another way instead of rounding up your purchases, follow these steps for any linked card:

  • In your donor dashboard, select your avatar in the top right

  • Tap Round-Ups, then Tap Settings

  • Tap the card you want to stop rounding up purchases on

  • Toggle off “Round-Ups”

Use this link to reset your password.
The security of your information is of the highest concern. The system uses bank-grade security to handle all sensitive financial data. Online banking credentials are never stored on the system. All data is secured with SSL encryption and multi-factor authentication to ensure unwanted access is prevented.
Use this link to review our privacy policy.
Funds raised support DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and our mission of fulfilling our promise to the men and women who served. Just as America’s service members fought for us, DAV fights for them. DAV assists veterans by helping them gain access to the medical, financial and educational benefits they’ve earned along with connecting them to meaningful employment opportunities. All services are provided free of charge. Learn more about DAV’s programs and services at www.dav.org.
You can see your donation history by logging into your account and viewing your donation history. Click here to login to your account.
Our Donor Relations team will be happy to help you with your additional questions, please dial: 859-442-1340 or send an email to: change@dav.org